South Bloomfield  Methodist Church
Stain Glass Windows

(From Historical Records Compiled by Marcella Acord)

Ten windows were purchased in January 1955 from B. J. Hartle for $1,000. Each window was placed in memory of:

1. Martha and Johnson Guseman and Ada Runkle Purchased by Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Michael 1/17/55

2. Maude T. and Nathan C. Bohnert Purchased by Mrs. Blandess Miller 2/9/55

3. The William Millar Family Purchased by Mr. & Mrs. Harry Speakman 12/30/54

4. The Burt Cook Family Purchased by Burt & Katie Cook 12/30/54

5. Josephine M. Seymore and the John Ford Family Purchased by Stella Ford 12/3/54

6. William, Katherin, and Conard Calahan Purchased by Hazel Calahan 11/3/54

7. Edward and Sally Roese Purchased by Barney Roese, Rebecca Tosca, Georgla & Karl Graham, Martha Huston, Pauline Roese 1/15/55

8. The Henry Roese Family Purchased by Marcella Roese Acord, Harry Roese, Howard Roese, Chester Roese, & Grace Roese Chandler 12/30/54

9. Frank Roese & George Welsh Purchased by Bernice Welsh 11/22/54

10. Mrs. Nancy Howell Millar, Michael C. & Sara K. Millar Purchased by Laura Millar King 3/5/55