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A Grandfathers Joy

In a world that is often filled with hardship, it's good to know there are these "inspirational moments" that occur from time to time.  Last evening I sat with my 10 year old granddaughter, Kate, as she looked through her new Bible that we purchased for her recently.  She will be needing this "Discovery" version to bring to her new Christian School in San Diego, Santa Fe Christian, where her older brother and sister are also enrolled. She starts this coming Monday.
"What is your favorite story in the Bible Papa?" She asked.  "There are too many stories and scriptures to have just one favorite", I replied.  "Well------just pick one".  I selected the parable of the Lost Son.  She immediately turned to Luke 15:11-32.  I watched as she held her long beautiful hair back with one hand and with the other hand held her new Bible.  Her lips moved as she read the words, but she was silent. It's a good story, but what does it mean? We talked about the story and what Jesus wanted us to learn from this narrative.
Kate asked for another story, then, another.  I couldn't have been happier, witnessing the Christian faith being handed down from Grandfather to Granddaughter.  The time flew by and finally she said, "Papa I don't want to keep you up, I could ask questions all night".  "You take all the time you need Katie, I can last as long as you can when it comes to something this important"!
Friends, are we handing down the story of Jesus to the next generations?  It seems that so many young people have no idea about the Bible, what it means or even a general understanding of who Jesus is.  They don't know the songs about our Lord, and believe it or not many do not know, or have ever heard of, the "Lords Prayer".  No wonder the world is moving in the wrong direction.
That night I experienced a joy I have not experienced in a long time.  By the way, the TV, tablets, computers and cell phones, were OFF!
Pastor Floyd
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