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Can this be Spring?

Is it true? Has Spring arrived?  Living in Ohio, there is no way to know for sure if we should expect flowers to peek through the leaves and winter debris, or polish our snow shovel for another round of the "white stuff".  Either way, since we can't change the weather even one day, lets live in the moment and enjoy what we are given.   For me, I took a "Spring Drive" with a special friend who is learning to drive.  I was amazed how beautifully she handled the rules of operating a motor vehicle in the various communities in which we traveled.  She was very careful to stop completely at all stop signs, accelerate to the exact posted speed limit and kept a keen eye for hidden dangers which lurk in unexpected places.  We were amazed by the number of people who do not follow the rules of driving because we were so focused upon doing what is "right".   As I watched her drive, I thought about those who first come to Christ.  New Christians who are excited about their new found faith.  They seem to look for every opportunity to learn more from the Bible and look for every opportunity to worship.  In doing so, they notice others who claim to be Christian, but don't live by God's instruction,  They notice people who acknowledge Jesus, but run the stop signs of foul language.  New Christians do not understand the running of the red light of gossip or the u-turns  in worship attendance.  Maybe we should issue a renewal license annually in the Church so that those who have fallen away or have had a back-slide experience, can be reacquainted with the sanctified (Holy) life in Jesus our Rescuer, and honor God's rules on the road to the Kingdom City.   In His precious name,   Pastor Floyd

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