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I have long felt that Bible study is crucial to Christian spiritual growth.  I love studying the scriptures because I make new discoveries each time I get together with men and women of faith.  There is no other book like the Bible.  It is called the "Living" book for, within it's pages, there is wisdom, poetry, parables and stories which reveal new blessings no matter how many times you read them.

I had an encounter with a women of God who blessed my heart recently.  We were in study with several other friends and she made a deep sigh.  I asked if anything was wrong and she said "I just made a pencil mark in my Bible.  It's the first time I have ever done that"!  I ask her to share her feelings about the new thing she experienced.  She said "I could never bring myself to underline or highlight in my Bible because I consider it a Holy book, but I looked at the Bibles of everyone at the table and noticed many marks and comments, so I thought it must be OK". 

Why was I blessed?  This dear lady had such a respect for God's Word that she didn't want to desecrate her Bible.  Not many people today have such reverence for God and his Book of love written for His people.  I was impressed.  For her benefit, I shared that if it makes you comfortable not to write in your Bible please, don't do it, but you need to know that the words are sacred not the paper, ink and binding.  They are man made and have little value. 

Will she continue to make notes and underline precious words in her Bible?  I have no idea, but I pray she never loses her reverence for the Word of God who shares His love for her and us in this cosmic instruction book.


Pastor Floyd


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