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Today I was blessed (again) when our oldest daughter sent me a text from Austin, Texas.  She flew from her home in San Diego with a number of other Mothers who have children in Santa Fe Christian School for a women's "Spiritual Retreat".  Apparently they get away once a year and fly to different destinations to re-fuel as Christian Mom's.  I think they also get some shopping, jogging and dinners at nice restaurants as well as studying scripture.  Today, She was excited about Ephesians 2:1-22. These scriptures speak to God's love and mercy for His creation.  I told her that was my sermon text yesterday---------- God is good!

As I reflected upon her text, I thought about the Mother's in our Church.  I have been listening to their conversations over the past few months and they have blessed me so very much.  One Mom told me that she gathered her family in a prayer circle for a certain concern in the family.  Another told me her child has learned to like praying.  A third Mom says that she reads the Bible regularly with her kids. One more told me that her children love the prayer cross.  I have received videos of children praying, singing or reading their "Action Bible".  Also, did you know that a few of the Mothers have started a Bible study together?  This is a busy bunch so they are on break until the January, but one of the members told me that she has joined two other studies during this time. 

I say all of this to say, we have a wealth of young women who are faithful and thirst for the presence and Word of the Lord.  I have no idea why I have not recognized this fact earlier.  I know it's not necessary to put the spot light on these faithful women but sometimes blessings should be shared. 
I thank God for our entire Congregation everyday.  This recent blessing gives me additional hope for the future of our Church in the face of a World that has lost it's way. 

"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old they will not depart from it"
                                                                                                                          Proverbs 22:6

With a grateful and blessed heart,

Pastor Floyd

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