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Giving Thanks after Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving this year was very  special.  I know, all Thanksgivings are special, but this one gave me more reasons than usual to give the Lord thanks. 

First blessing-- we travelled to San Diego to visit with our daughter and her family.  Three of our grandchildren live there and they are growing too quickly.  It seems that the days go slow but the years go fast. 

Second blessing-- the entire neighborhood community came together to share the Thanksgiving Day meal.  Many different people of all cultures bring a covered dish, from their tradition, to set along side the huge smoked turkey and sweet potatoes.

Third blessing-- six marines finishing boot camp, but unable to go home for Thanksgiving, were transported by our neighbors from a naval base 30 miles away to join us as a surrogate family. We fed them two meals and took them to the beach before the "main event".  These young men are truly America's best, polite, strong, dedicated and full of patriotism.

Fourth blessing-- We bring home with us many memories of friendship, gratefulness, and peace, reflected in the many faces at the table. This Thanksgiving was truly representative of God's presence with His many creations assembled in His name. 

No gifts were purchased, no stress was present, no credit cards were used.  We opened with prayer--------and I haven't stopped thanking Him yet!

From a grateful Pastor,




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