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The hymn "Joy To The World" was written by Isaac Watts in the year--------wait for it-----------1719!  Can you believe it?  Three hundred years ago this wonderful hymn was made public for worship in Churches in England.  It was based upon Psalms 98:4, which reads "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all the earth; make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise".  A little fun fact, many in the Church at that time considered this new music sent from the Devil and not fit for worship.  Sound familiar? I have heard similar comments about the contemporary music of the Church today.

My point, Joy has come to me, and I hope to you, last Sunday.  What a joy to see our Carolyn walk through the front door to join her Church Family.  I was stunned and a little disoriented with this blessing, which I am sure, was evident to those in attendance. The brunch and cookie decorating contest that followed, was fun and heart warming---- more Joy I think you would agree. Joy was abundant even when the children "busted me" for entering a tainted cookie in the contest.  It was all for fun, I confessedHugging face

This Sunday, the third Sunday in Advent, our focus will be upon the core of our faith, Jesus Christ and His love for us.  His love for us was so deep, so intense that He stepped out of Heaven to become human so that He could be with us.  His name----Emmanuel, (God with us).  It is because of this mighty act of love, the world changed forever!!

Joy to the world!!

Pastor Floyd 

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