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Today, I was reading one of my favorite books "Imitation Of Christ" by Thomas a'Kempis.  Here is a quote from Chapter 8, "When Jesus is present, all is well, and nothing seems difficult; but when Jesus is absent, every thing is hard.  When Jesus speaks not inwardly to us, all other comfort is nothing worth; but if Jesus speak but one word, we feel great consolation".As we continue our Lenten journey toward Easter, I hope you have taken time to be quiet and listen for the voice of our Lord. How dry and hard our lives become without His touch upon our lives each day.  Even if you are being challenged by something in your life, taking time to find comfort in Jesus is a must for all of us.  Remember how Mary Magdalene stood up from weeping when she heard these words, "The Master is come, and calls for you"?  From tears to joy, that's the power of Jesus and He can do the same for you if you just have patience and call on His name.  Here is another quote from Thomas, " Go where you will, seek whatsoever you will, you shall not find a higher way above, nor a safer way below, than the way of the holy Cross.God Bless You beloved, Pastor Floyd(Thomas a'Kempis was a 15th century theologian and author)  

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