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Resisting the tempter

Friends, I wonder what experiences you have had with temptation through the years.  If you are normal, your encounter(s) may have gone something like this----
         "Wow, I know I shouldn't think about doing this but, I see myself enjoying this in my
          minds eye. What could it hurt?  If no one finds out, who does it hurt.  I've been
          thinking about this for  a long time.  If I could only do this one time, ooohhh.  Other
          people have done this and they seem happier for it, why not me? I can't think of
          person who would blame me.  Anyway, I don't think it's really all that bad."
Then, we have positioned ourselves to fall into the trap and carry out that temptation.  It is a disappointing feeling after we give in, isn't it. What is the first thing that crosses our minds after we fall?  REGRET, GUILT and a sense of distance from God and anyone we hurt.  We don't feel worthy to pray, or face others, knowing what we have done.  A feeling of remorse sets in, and our self-worth hits a very low point.
The temptations I am referring to are not those that are minor in nature.  Falling off a diet and eating two giant Kit Kat bars is not the focus of this weeks sermon.  Having a fleeting, lustful thought that seemingly comes out of no where, but not acted upon, is not what I will bring to worship.  The temptation I am concerned about are the ones that are recurring and repetitious.  You know, the ones we fall prey to, and then hope go away only to return again and trip us up again.
It is my hope that what God has given me may touch your heart in the battle against temptation, and give you encouragement to resist the enemy.
God bless you my beloved
Pastor Floyd

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