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That's not fair

How many times have you used the term “That’s not fair”?  My guess is that, from an early age, we have thrown this phrase out in lament because something was said or done that intruded on our sense of right and wrong.  “You gave Jimmy more ice cream than me, that’s not fair”!  A little later in life you may have used these words regarding your work on a school paper----- “I worked hard on that book report.  I should have gotten an “A” on that paper.  My Mom said it was the best work she had ever seen.  That’s not fair”!   As an adult you may have been treated unfairly (in your opinion) as you were passed over for a promotion, or a politician works for a change in government which adversely affects your age group or gender.

The prospective of fairness comes differently as it pertains to our context and place in life.  Being treated unfairly is not a new concern.  Hear these words from the Old Testament Book of Ecclesiastes 8:14:  “There is something else meaningless that occurs on earth.  The righteous who get what the wicked deserve and the wicked who get what the righteous deserve”.  Sound familiar?  These words are thousands of years old but proclaim the same feelings we experience in life today.

Truly life is not fair.  But we have to trust in God in His infinite love for us, that what happens in life is just, and useable in our lives.  It may not be "comfortable" or "convenient" but it is God's judgment and ultimately His call what happens in the life of a true Christian.

 Blessings my beloved,

Pastor Floyd


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