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The Only Thing That Matters Is God.

Over the years, I have had the privilege to witness the conversion of men and women to Christ.  To see the transformational process is breath taking and heart warming.  Too often it takes an uncomfortable experience in life to get the attention of a person who has no thoughts of eternity.


One such person is my friend, Richard Henry.  Richard has had physical problems for many years.  Diabetes, COPD, high blood pressure and a few heart issues to name a few.  One day I received a call to come to the hospital because Richard was taken by emergency squad to the emergency room.  It was discovered later he had two aneurisms, one on each side of his brain.  When I walked into the room, Richard thanked me for meeting him at the ER while he was still laying in the rear of the ambulance.  As much as I wanted to take credit, I said " Sorry friend, I was not there when you arrived.  Richard looked confused, he said "Are you sure? It was as real as this moment is real.  You pushed aside the plastic weather protector and stood by my side in the ambulance and prayed for me.  I knew then everything was going to be ok."


I am not if Richard will ever heal completely, but I do know that his focus has now changed and he has found life.  All of the things which he thought was important were put in their place of lessor priority and his relationship with Jesus is soaring.  Even with his challenges, I have never seen him happier.



How sad it is that much of the "world" put the things which are not eternal or important in front of a relationship with God.  I think Richard would say "The only thing that matters is God. Everything else is just details."

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