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The Root Cause Of Broken Relationships

I have been in ministry, in one way or another, for 40 years.  Over those years I have witnessed friends, couples, families and Churches who struggle in relationship.  Most of the reasons for the deterioration in the relationships are over the craziest things.  A piece of furniture, a picture, the color of a new carpet or who's sports team is the best on field.  I know one family who have not talked to each other for decades but no one can remember how the feud started.

Why do we fight?  Sometimes we fight with long time friends or close family members who we love.  Christians are not above being included in this unfortunate phenomena.  In all Churches, heated discussion occurs when the Church "holy kitchen" is not in order.  Stress happens when there is a vestment or pew moved or changed in the Sanctuary.  Walk into any Church and you may hear grumbling's of "I don't like that music" and Heaven forbid someone sit in your pew!!!!  

Have you ever wondered what is the root cause of these problems?  This Sunday I hope to share with you the answer to this question with one word.  No------ you don't get off that easy, there will be a sermon, but the message will just be a road map to lead us to the one word which is the catalyst of all troubled relationships.  

I have had a number of you text and email me your best guess as to what the word may be.  All good guesses, but alas you have not put your finger on it thus far.  

So------ for those who will not be in Church June 23rd, I will share the word with you.  The "Root" word of relationship deterioration is------------- SELFISHNESS!  Many other words spring from this word,  pride, egotism, manipulative, possessive, 
and many, many more.  Selfishness happens when we put ourselves in the center of life rather than Jesus.  It is possible to know Jesus and remain selfish.  Some of us have become very good at it!  Simply knowing Jesus does not mean we have committed our lives to Him.  When we lose ourselves and elevate Jesus to the center of our lives, selfishness will fade away and servanthood will flood our life.

Keep your eyes on Christ,

Pastor Floyd

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