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The Year 2020 so far

I’m tired and troubled!  How about you?  As the year 2020 approached it looked to be one of the best years we would have had in recent memory.  If for no other reason than the number, 2020.  One could coin the phrase “It looks as if year 2020 will have perfect vision for all areas of our country” or “No more blind investments in 2020”.  How about “With 2020 vision this year I will be able to see in who’s pockets the politicians have their hands”.  The year appeared to have promise.  Then, as you are well aware, all heck broke loose.  It’s a free for all in terms of causes.  It’s a finger pointing fest which clamors for what’s in it for me.
So, rather than being one of the numerous people complaining about where the fires are in our society and doing nothing constructive to help come to a rational conclusion-----I will take a different approach.  I would like to propose the following;
                               Here is a proposed schedule for everyone to consider-
        On Mondays and Thursdays, protesters for and against face masks may gather between
        the hours of 11:00 AM and 5:PM to state their case
        On Tuesdays and Fridays those who want to share their views about race (black, white, 
        Native America and other) may gather at 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM to illustrate their 

        On Wednesdays and Saturdays those who would gather to share their prospective on 
        Covid-19 / extending government benefits (for and against-which includes all
        government concerns) may assemble at 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

        On Sunday afternoon, those who would consider gathering, as one people, in a common
        cause, for constructive critical thinking and conversation, to find solutions for our 
        brokenness, may gather after Church at 1:00 to whatever it takes

“Just sayin”

Pastor Floyd

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