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We are all related, like it or not!

How many times have you thought about your childhood experiences?  Do you reflect upon them daily?, weekly?  If you are like me, I think about my early years regularly, more so lately.  The reason------ I have received the results of a DNA test in a detailed report which tells of my cultural heritage.  The document also shared the names of people, whom I have never met, that are directly related to me.  There are approximately 869 people in the United States, 5 in Canada and 5 in the UK.  These are people who took the same DNA test.  I wonder how many people, who have not taken the test, are family "somewhere out there"?

The Biblical truth is, we are all related!  This document states that fact.  It says that each man and each woman who have ever lived can be traced back to one man and one woman who lived in the vicinity of North Africa or Eurasia.  I wonder who they can possibly be? You guessed it---- Adam and Eve.  How is it that knowing that simple fact doesn't bring everyone to the reality that the Bible is true and timeless?  

Yes, I think of my childhood and family often, but now I know how large my family has grown.  Isn't it great to have so many brothers, sisters, and cousins in the world?  This news should make it easier for us to treat people we meet with love and respect 
because--------they are family!!

By the way, I am 50% Irish and 26% German.  The rest of me is divided into 7 different cultures.  I have always liked Celtic music.  Now I know why.

"May the most you wish for, be the least you get"  (Irish saying)

Pastor Floyd

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