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What Blesses A Pastor's Heart

There are very few things that warm a Pastor's heart more than hearing these words---"Pastor, I know your job must be tough and I want you to know I am praying for you".  This simple act of encouragement reassures me that I am loved by wonderful, Godly people, who are standing in the gap for me spiritually.


Why? because Pastors face a higher judgment.  We are responsible for imparting the Word in a way which calls people to salvation in his or her appointed flock.  Souls are at stake, and God expects much from His shepherds.


Pastors also face more intense temptation.  Satan roams about like a roaring lion seeking those he may devour.  If he is successful, he takes the shepherd (Pastor), his family, and disrupts the Body Of Christ. This is great joy to the adversary when he can take down a whole church.


Lastly, Pastors face unique pressures:  Piercing criticism, confidentiality of parishioners struggles of scandalous sin, broken families, loss of life, to name a few. All of this gets "bottled up" inside the mind and heart of a Pastor.


So, I will ask you----will you pray for me?   Would you be willing to lift me up in your evening prayers?  Could you find it in your heart to come forward and say "Pastor what can I do to help"?  Is it possible for you to come to the church and help with cleanings, weeding gardens, painting or whatever it takes to keep our Church strong and faithful?  This would bless a Pastor's heart.


By the way, you should know that I would not have any other job even if I could change what I do.  I feel called to what I do (I didn't say it is easy).  It would be an impossible task and unbearable to do if I didn't have the Holy Spirit helping, and your support in our wonderful little Church.


Blessing My Beloved,

Pastor Floyd

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