South Bloomfield  Methodist Church

Volunteer Ministries

1. Serving South Bloomfield elementary school with clothes, food (weekend packs) and tutoring.

2. Church grounds maintenance and development.

3. Audio Visual Technical Team.

4. Elizabeth's Hope  -  Pregnant Mothers ministry.  Helps develop life skills.

5. Food Pantry.

6. Quilting group "Sewing New Hope" ministry, for babies in harms way.

7. Children's music - Choir and Bells.

8. Finance planning.

9. Trustee Planning.

10. Stewardship Planning.

11. Circle of Caring - Helping people with transportation, work around homes, deliver food.

12. Free Store - organizing goods and food to give away at no cost (annual event).

13. Friendship Circle -  Women's Group.

14. Laundry Ministry.

If you are interested in joining a ministries, please contact Jennifer at:
 (740) 983-2110 or Email: